Thursday, October 14, 2010

Co-founder Of P.L& Pink lipstick

Rachel woods is a Co-Founder of PL&PL she is also one of the designers on the team.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Style Watch: Black is Back

Model: Kasia Struss
Photographer: Seth Sabal
Stylist: Kithe Brewster

Peace. Love.&PinkLipstick Clothing Coming Soon

Peace. Love.&PinkLipstick

Peace. Love.&PinkLipstick represents any woman that is sexy and can feel comfortable in her own skin. If you are rocking Peace. Love.&PinkLipstick you will definitely feel like urban royalty. When you feel the clothing touch your skin- you should automatically feel a positive energy from within. The line is currently under-construction and will debut very soon. Meanwhile, the President  Gracien Champagne has just created a sick logo that embodies all the qualities a fierce, sexy, and confident lady should have.

This will be the Peace. Love.&PinkLipstick logo

Monday, October 11, 2010

HiPsTER!! By: Gracien Champagne

Hipster Is a Clothing line by Gracien Champagne, he is a Sponsor for PLPL, and a really good friend:).


Where it all started??!!!

I love pinklipstick but when I heard M.A.C came out with a new pink lipstick, by lady Gaga I was on it. This  is where I got my first idea for my clothing line.